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Ethan Daniel James is the creator and host of the highly popular YouTube channel THE HONEST CARPENTER. A lifelong carpenter and tradesman, he now spends much of his time writing for young readers and teaching people how to work with their hands. He lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.


10-year-old Spark is a “brunt,” a human kid trapped in Dungeonworld, the spooky underground kingdom where monsters rule and danger lurks around every corner. It’s a tough life for a kid! But Spark is determined not to let the ogres, goblins, and trolls who run the place get him down. Whether he’s stoking the forge in a blacksmith’s shop, playing drums in the Army Marching Band, or rustling winged boars on the open prairie, Spark relies on his wild, reckless spirit to always liven things up a bit. After all, you can have fun anywhere...even in a place with no sunlight!


Come join the fun in Dungeonworld! Books 1-5 are available now...with more coming soon!

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Ethan Daniel James

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